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Hi you lovely people,

how's it going? Hope you're all good. It's summertime after all.

+++ Breaking News +++

After ages of pain and struggle, I finally managed to get my new redesigned Online Shop for my brand Loud Fast Radical Apparel out there. Usually planned to relaunch in March, but it was so much work with the coding and other stuff, that it took a little longer.

Thee are many new t-shirt designs and other new products, so go check them out and enjoy shopping :D

+++ Loud Fast Radical +++

I created a Coupon Code for my fellow deviantart friends. Use the code DEVPARTYPROMO13 at the checkout to save 5 EUR on every order above 30 EUR. Valid until August 10th 12AM.
Additionally, the first one to order something using the above coupon code will get 25% off on their next order. How does that sound?

+++ Loud Fast Radical +++

For more recent updates on my works, follow me on facebook and Instagram schakalwal

Help spread the word and tag #iwearloudfastradical on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram for a chance to win some stickers and other stuffs.

Thank you so much for your support. That's all folks.
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Hi guys,

I need your support in order to start a new blog about designh, fashion, music and pop culture.
Need to buy that very expensive domain and buy some webspace.

Read more here
If you feel like being generous to a fellow deviantart friend, we would so highly appreciate all of your support.
You can win some stickers and tees fo backing us.

I promise I will upload some new works here soon.

Oh and for a bit more frequent updates, make sure to follow me on instagram schakalwal and my facebook page

Peace & out.
Hey guys,

how's it going? Do you agree that deviantart has become kinda boring within the last one or two years? I don't know, but I find other places much more interesting and worth it, which is unfortunately resulting in my lack of updates here. However, if you wish to keep track of my recent work or just connect on other platforms, here is the list. Feel free to follow or add me anywhere you like. This is of course much appreciated!

Behance Network
Cargo Collective

Also find me on #schakalwal

And check out my online shop here LFR Online Shop

And let me know what you think bout deviantart. Do you still use it as much as before?

Best, Pinzi.
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Hey boys & girls,

I just wanted to let you know that I finally started my own clothing label LFR. Now finally the tees are printed in great quality and the shop is set up.
We are gonna ship worldwide and the shipping cost is very low. I'd love you to check out the shop or connect on facebook, where I am holding several contests to win freebies from time to time.

Check out the new awesome LFR Online Shop here.

Love and Happyness,


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I finally will launch my clothing label LFR within this week and in order to celebrate, you will be able to win a first goodies pack before the store launches!

Check out my facebook page in order to participate and win the package

More infos about LFR and the online shop will follow sooooon, so stay tuned, guys.

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Hi guys,

I will be off for a two week holiday trip to chill out and relax and reload my mind on the island of Fuerteventura, Spain.

So be patient if you message, or email me. I will answer all of you, once I am back on July 22nd.

Expect some superfresh news to come...WORD!
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Hi guys,

I just registered a Dropbox account. Pretty cool for online backups, photo sharing, etc.
If you want to register, too, you can use this link to receive 250 mb extra free space:

There are more steps to easily add free space to your Dropbox. Just google for more...

By the way, I am working on many super interesting projects and currently have not much time to update dA.
However, I will definetely let you know about my secret projects soon enough. Watch out!

Best, Pino.
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Hey buddies,

even though DA is kinda sleeping an no one is reading journals anymore, I wanted to share this piece of information with you.

I recently got featured in the Designer Spotlight on with a bunch of my logotypes. Check it and watch out for some unpublished exclusives...

If you are on facebook, you are welcome to join me:
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Hi my friends,

today it's feature time again!!! Many thanks fly out to Tony from EXV Magazine for this nice feature interview alongside other great artists such as Cuypi, Dale Edwin Murray and many more...

Check it out here. Much love!…


If you like my stuff, visit my Facebook Page for some goodies, art & exclusives

I'm on twitter, too.

Peeze Out!
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yo fellow da homies, followers, stalkers, etc.

today we will be starting a character design battle on this journal. anyone can enter. just draw a fancy character with muro on this journal, have fun, go crazy, add its name to your post and send your prayers that you're gonna win. This is about fun & competition, the grand prize will be...

...nothing but my appreciation :rofl:
maybe some kind of special gift, i don't know yet. btw, did you know that gift in german means venom? could also be a pretty cool prize, right?

you can enter as many drawings as you like, comment on other drawings, share this journal with your friends, or just ignore it and ask yourselves why the fuck you're reading this shit, anyway.

Alrite, looking forward to judging your crappy characters :la:

Best of luck, Pino.


check me on facebook
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Hey cool cats,

hows it going? I just wanted to send a quick message to let you know I just created my facebook fanpage.…

Support me & become a fan. Hell Yeah!,You rock!

And if you like twitter, follow me here

Peeze & Disko
  • Listening to: Lucio Batisti - si viaggiare
  • Reading: Schätzing - Limit
  • Watching: Robo Geisha
  • Playing: Assassins Creed 2
  • Eating: Fried Noodles with roasted duck
  • Drinking: water
Hey cool cats,

hows it going? I just wanted to send a quick message to let you know I just created my facebook fanpage.…

Support me & become a fan. Hell Yeah!,You rock!

And if you like twitter, follow me here

Peeze & Disko
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Yo guys,

thanks to :iconreyrey78921: I recently found out that I have been ripped off again.
This time it is a clothing company based in Argentina called Bribon Cloth.
Never heard that before. If you go to collección, check out the 2nd and 4th shirts, which are shameless ripps of 2 of my wuwi designs


You will also recognize the panda from being my avatar here on deviantart.


Any ideas what I could do about this?
Does anyone want to post this on youthoughtwewouldntnotice… or your own blogs? feel free to do so.

fucking rippers...
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Yo guys,

just got my new pair of custom wayfarer clear lens glasses designed by the fabulous Bobsmade

check em out here:…

I really love em!

If you didn't know about Bobsmade yet, go check her gallery on deviantart, her myspace and her homepage

||: P.R.O.M.O.T.I.O.N. S.P.O.T. - over

Love & Cheeze, your friendly neighbourhood Panda

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  • Watching: Bleach episode whatthefuck i dunno
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selling a MacBook on ebay (germany only)…

check it if you do care. If you don't, I don't care!

You are welcome to post any funny or frightening story here in this journal if u like to.

Additionally you are welcome to tell me about your favorite iPhone Apps.

ANd what was your favorite meal again?

Cheeze Out
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  • Reading: Mo Hayder - Ritualmord
  • Watching: last shippuuden. fucking fillers
  • Playing: 3gs
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Yesterday I found out by coincidence that one website is using russoturistos OSK logo within their own logo. Not only that it looks whack, Igor did not know about it. It is a rip off.

found by:

Later we just found out they even rip the designs for their tshirts. I know there is more, but we eventually only found out about 2 designs from 123klan:



and even more...

found by:


found by:

found by:

found by:

Let me know if you find more, so I can update this journal.
thanks for your help

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:rofl: :lmao:

hey guys,

first thing I've read on dA today was a journal by my homeboy :iconflowisking: about one of his old logos being ripped by some whackass car decal company. that totally sucks, even thou this one was also kinda funny IMO. At least he got his logo printed on fresh cars, lol.

anyway, after going back to my inbox, this guy :iconquezel: told me I got ripped, too. it is not as bad as the first rip I mentioned, but it's still interesting, isn't it?

First the original piece - the new logotype I did for :iconbobsmade: check it out here:…

And now the failed copy by :iconalexlansang: which you can find here:…

so cheeeeeeeeeap...!

What do you say? Inspiration or bad copy?

if you are bored check that great piece of music history…

peeze & out

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Hello Señoritas,

I am currently trying to create my portfolio page and since I want some extra freshness to be added, I might need some minor coding advice/help/support. If anyone would like to help me (it ain't that much work, really...), just hit me up.
As I want to add some eye candy, I decided to go with jquery. Would be cool if some of you are familiar with it and could give me a hand.


I do have some minor coding experience in HTML, CSS and a bit of JS
I am probably going to use a pretty cool CMS (cargocollective)
I have a plan!


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  • Playing: football
  • Eating: nothing. starving
  • Drinking: orange djooze

whatever. just wanted to say that I am back home in germany now. unfortunately! I would rather spend a few more days/weeks travelling through asia.

short summary of my trip:

Singapore - awesome, artificial, expensive, chinese, delicious and sooo freaking hot!!!

Malaysia - soooo much better than I'd expected. Kuala lumpur kicks ass. I have to check KL out again some day! great people, great culture, great sights, great shopping.

Indonesia - Bali has so many great places to check out. I loved Ubud and the surrounding sights, Seminyak was great, too. Yet the best place was Gili Meno, a tiny island close to Lombok. Never seen a cleaner ocean. close to paradise!

Thailand - Bangkok is still my number one favorite city of all. Best food, best shopping, best temples, et cetera.

Dubai - fuck that stupid man at the airport for accusing me of drug abuse and smuggling, for searching me and my stuffs and being the most impolite asswhore in the universe.


btw peeps...wish me luck. something is gonna be announced this week or so.

hi gang,

as the title says the last weeks have been very intensely. In both, good and bad ways.
As some of you might have read before, I am going on a three weeks holiday trip through southeast asia. This following friday my plane will hopefully ready for take off.
In order to enjoy my holiday to the fullest, I took on almost every good job I have been offered to. Actually this has been really cool, but exhausting, too. including today there is not much time left to finish all and it seems like there is no end to it. these days work just sucks. its just too fucking much. especially at the office I work at, there is more and more to do and my colleagues can probably not manage to take care of that stuff themselves. That sucks hard!

Anyway, as you know, I am participating in two design contests for tshirts. They are both to end very soon, so if you want to spread some love and support me, check my latest deviation "The Shadow of Tomorrow" for more infos and how to's. Thanks to all that have been supporting me so far. I really really really appreciate that, guys!

Wish me luck guys!!!

I have recently been interviewed a few times and you can read the first of those interviews now at Blank Bots…

BTW I will be back from my holiday on october 2nd. Follow me on twitter if you wanna know where I am and what I do:

I promise I will be uploading a bunch of new projects once I am back home.
Planning to release some logos and a logopack and a few character works...

so long....stay tuned bitches!

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